Vistra Initiates Texas’ Biggest Energy Storage System Online

Vistra confirmed today that its DeCordova Energy Storage Unit in Granbury, Texas, is now operational online to help with storing and releasing electricity to the grid for later use. The 260 MW electrical energy storage endeavor is the biggest of its sort in the state and the second of seven Vistra’s new carbon projects to come online in Texas.

DeCordova, which was first revealed in September 2020, is one of the new projects that Vistra will put online in Texas over the following years as part of its expanding Vistra Zero assets.

The company’s new power-producing assets signify a nearly $1 billion investment capital in the Texas ERCOT sector. Furthermore, in preparation for another hot Texas summer, the unit is storing and distributing electricity to the ERCOT network.

According to Vistra CEO Curt Morgan, while their network and electric systems around the country move to greener energy, they haven’t fallen short of their critical role in providing dependable, cheaper electricity.

DeCordova’s battery energy storage is designed to achieve these goals. These include instantaneous-start and dispatchable power, which will assist balance the intermittent nature of sustainable power as the electric grid moves to low-carbon resources.

Morgan stated that a project of this scale and an entire investment of this nature cements Vistra’s position as the market leader. As a result, Vistra has established itself as a market leader in investing in, controlling, and administering clean electricity-generating in Texas and abroad, while maintaining affordability and dependability.

Vistra president Jim Burke noted that DeCordova has a unique selling point in the sector. This battery system facility not only provides full grid power with the flick of a switch but it is also positioned in the same location as the natural gas-fueled energy station.

With this combination, the operator effectively has a big, one-hour storage system with distributed energy, and reliable power, resulting in grid consistency and reliability.

Furthermore, in the case of a natural gas supply breakdown, these gas-fueled power units have a one-week diesel reserve, demonstrating the Decordova site’s resilience.

The DeCordova Energy Storage Unit employs lithium-ion equipment contained in compartments supplied by Sungrow, in complement with power inverters. Mortenson, on the other hand, contributed technical and building knowledge.

Development on the project started in June 2021 and was completed in less than a year. DeCordova Energy Storage Unit, which is made up of over 3,000 separate battery modules, can hold enough energy to charge nearly 130,000 ordinary Texas homes during normal grid situations.

The batteries collect additional grid electricity, particularly overnight during strong wind output periods, and may distribute it when client demand is strongest.

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