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Clarke Creek Wind Farm

Renewable energy has emerged as a crucial solution to combat climate change and reduce our reliance on fossil fuels. Wind power has proven to be a sustainable and reliable option among the various renewable energy sources.
Understanding the energy output of these wind farms can sometimes be complex. However, tools like a watts to kilowatt hours calculator can help make sense of the numbers.
In this article, we will explore the Clarke Creek Wind Farm. This impressive renewable energy project showcases the potential of wind energy in Australia and its …

Home Wind Turbine Ireland

Can one install a home wind turbine in Ireland? As the need for sustainable energy sources continues to grow, countries worldwide are exploring various renewable options to meet their energy demands. As Irish Solar outlines, sustainable energy options are a great alternative, with the unit of electricity getting higher and higher each day.
With its lush landscapes and windy climate, Ireland has embraced wind power as a vital component of its renewable energy strategy. In recent years, the concept of home wind turbines has gained traction among Irish …

DOE Funds Initiatives That Improve Geothermal Energy

The US Department of Energy (DOE) is committing $84 million to showcase upgraded geothermal pilot programs. The department issued a call for evidence to use geothermal energy funding featured in the Bipartisan Infrastructure Act.
The Act allows the government to fund four carefully picked pilot programs that exhibit enhanced geothermal activities in different types of topography.
Generally, geothermal energy can offer clean electricity. Nevertheless, geothermal advancements have trailed behind more affordable, …

Vistra Initiates Texas’ Biggest Energy Storage System Online

Vistra confirmed today that its DeCordova Energy Storage Unit in Granbury, Texas, is now operational online to help with storing and releasing electricity to the grid for later use. The 260 MW electrical energy storage endeavor is the biggest of its sort in the state and the second of seven Vistra’s new carbon projects to come online in Texas.
DeCordova, which was first revealed in September 2020, is one of the new projects that Vistra will put online in Texas over the following years as part of its expanding Vistra Zero assets.

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